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Przedsiębiorstwo Innowacyjno-Wdrożeniowe FORTECH sp. z o.o.

[Poland] Ft-SATURN

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Ft-SATURN v. Server or Ft-SATURN stand alone. Allows to combine various authorisation methods, conforming to the Customers needs. A user may log in in the following ways:
- standard
- using a processor card
- using a fingerprint reader
- using a combination of e.g. standard + processor card
Customer gains the ability to efficiently manage network access, network resources, terminals and even particular applications. The applications used by the Customer may send identification confirmation requests prior to executing certain important functions or operations. It is possible to integrate “Ft-SATURN” with any application or any system dedicated to the Customer, if such a need arises. In most cases, it is done in cooperation with the system’s authors
The Authorisation Server software is developmental and may be customised to suit the Customer’s needs. We constantly add new functions to “Ft-SATURN” to make it compatible with various types of equipment, such as new card readers, fingerprint readers as well as new biometric methods e.g. retina scans. Moreover, the functional range of “Ft-SATURN” has also been developed. First, the functions related to access and work time control ass well as functions related to website access security.
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Przedsiębiorstwo Innowacyjno-Wdrożeniowe FORTECH sp. z o.o.

Street:Racławicka 56
Postal code:30-017
Region:Lesser Poland
Phone: +48 012 6344483
Fax: +48 012 6340191

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Name and Surname: Jan Braun
Phone: +48 012 6344483
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